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The Tamworth breed originated in Tamworth, United Kingdom. It’s one of the oldest English breeds and is listed as ‘threatened’ in the US and as ‘vulnerable’ in the UK. Like all heritage breeds, growth of the population relies on consumer demand for the pork. This heritage breed is known as a ‘bacon pig’ because of its lower fat ratio and great-tasting, lean meat. The Tamworth grows slowly on pasture, but the breed is not suited for the commercial growing conditions we see on today’s massive pork operations.


Tamworth hogs are rust-coloured and are especially suited for pasture life. They are durable and rugged and do very well in our Canadian winters, especially where they can forage and root for their meals. A full-grown boar can reach 800lbs, and a full-grown sow can weigh as much as 600lbs.


Tamworth pork opens the possibility of a unique dining experience. The meat has a distinct succulent flavour profile and is rich, tender and well-textured, quite different than traditional commercially raised pork.

Tamworth Pasture-Raised Pork
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