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Butchering Options

Our pork and beef is processed at a local provincially-licensed meat processing facility. Pork is divided into large sections called primal cuts. These cuts are then broken down further into individual retail cuts, which is what you find at the store. For each of the primal cuts, there are a number of possible ways to portion the meat.

A half hog has one shoulder, one belly, one loin, two hocks, one ham. The amount of meat you take home depends on a number of things like the pig size and age, the cuts of meat you choose, the breed, etc. Typically a pig is raised to around 250-300lbs and dresses out at around 48% and if you need a smaller or larger order, we can raise a pig to suit your needs. 


Here’s a list of the cuts available when place a pork order:


  • Belly: fresh or cured, whole or sliced

  • Sausage: a variety of flavours, either in links, coils or patties: Maple Garlic, Garlic, Honey Garlic, Maple Garlic Breakfast, Onion and Sage, and Hot Italian

  • Shoulders: Butt and Picnic roasts

  • Loin: back ribs, side ribs, tenderloin and chop options

  • Hams: available as roasts, sausage or ham steaks

  • Hocks: choose whole or ground into sausage

  • Oddments include: trotters, head, ears, tail, snout, jowls

Here’s a breakdown of typical commercial cuts from a half pig share (approximately 65 lbs in the freezer):

  • 23 pork chops

  • 2 roasts

  • 1 large fresh ham

  • 8 lbs of fresh bacon slab

  • 3 lbs of spare ribs

  • 10-20 lbs of ground pork/sausage

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