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About Us

Taylor Farms was established in the 1960s in Lakeside, Ontario, and is now a third-generation operation (fourth-generation if you count the boys, aged 8 and 5 years). The farm was originally host to a small dairy operation, but pigs have always been a part of the farm in one way or another. When hog prices plummeted around 2008, third-generation farmer, Keith, made a difficult decision to phase out hog production of the commercial breeds. He currently raises a few sheep for the boys, but has decided to return to the foundation of the farm with the Tamworth, Berkshire, Mangalitsa, Hereford and Large Black heritage breeds.


The animals on our farm are raised with care and compassion, living on pasture year round with ample shelter, fresh water, and room to roam. We take pride in our are animals are raised, so we can bring our very best from our farm to your table.



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