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PLEASE READ: Pasture-Raised Heritage Breed Pork Side/Half Share


Don't see a date? Email us for more info on our next butcher dates!


This $100 deposit secures your butcher & delivery date. Balance due upon delivery. Actual cuts, weight and yield varies pig to pig.  Priced per hanging weight at $4.65 per pound, includes butchering, wrapping, curing/smoking, delivery costs. Final costs dependent on weight of pork and final costs are provided ahead of delivery. Final costs typically range between $380-$480 per side 


A half hog has one shoulder, one belly, one loin, two hocks, one ham, but these primal cuts can be split into smaller cuts. Options include: Chops, bacon, sausage, roasts, ribs, burgers, ground, tenderloin. Once deposit is received, you will receive an email with the cut list so you can make your selections.


Each half has about 59 lbs of meat in the freezer, however we do not guarantee the amount of 'meat in the freezer'.  A side of pork is a little more than 2 cubic feet (2 milk crates).


*size, weight, amount of pork, final costs are all approximate and WILL vary for your custom order. Your custom order may yield slightly more or less than noted above. Costs may be slightly more or less than noted above. 


Free delivery within 35kms from Lakeside or pick up yourself at the butchers.

Butchered at local gov't-inspected butcher shops Mediemas (Embro)

Side of Pork - Deposit

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