Huge tbones,  indulgent sirlion tips, and classic ribs - a perfect weekend treat, on the BBQ or grill, smoker or pan fried with rosemary and butter. Our cows are hand-raised, on pasture and outside year round, with a little extra grain because they love it!

  • averages 1.8-2lbs per pack
  • 2 steaks per pack, great for a family of 4 to share, or 2 if you're REALLY hungry (don't for get the veg).
  • Regular cuts and Premium cuts available - you choose!



Regular Cuts - $10/lb

Premium Cuts - $13/lb


Price based on average weight

Wing Steaks - avg 3.96lbs BIG!

T Bones - avg 2.25lbs

Rib - avg 1.88lbs

Tenderloin - avg .80lbs 

Chuck - avg 3.4lbs Also BIG - many meals

Sirloin and Sirloin Tip - avg 1.81lbs

Round - avg 1.75lbs

Blade - avg 3.12lbs