HALF PRICE SALE - Save when you buy a ground beef bundle!

Reg $7.65 per pack, now $4.50 per pack when you buy 10 packs UNTIL SUPPLIES LAST.

Each pack has at least 1 lb or more of natural pasture-raised beef. Vac packed, frozen.


Our small-scale back-to-basics beef is raised on 100% no-spray pasture, and supplemented with small amounts of 100% plant based feed throughout their life.


Sure, you can get ground beef cheaper, BUT...Do you know how the animal was raised? Do you know how it was fed? Do you know where it lived? How long was it sitting on the shelf unfrozen?


When you buy local from a small family farm,  you get the whole story on how your meat was produced. You support a local family, and you eat great meat!


Our ground beef pack is a great way to support local and stock your freezer!

SALE 10-Pack Ground Beef Bundle

C$90.00 Regular Price
C$45.00Sale Price